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Tadanori Sanbe (三部忠則, Sanbe Tadanori) is a second year student at Yamakita University and a monster whom allies with Shuichi Kagaya and Clair Aoki.


Tadanori character design

Anime design

Tadanori is a young man with very short black hair. Over many battles, he has developed numerous scars, most prominently, a vertical scar over his right eye and a larger scar from the injury he sustained from Shuichi's revolver.

In his monster form, he turns into a larger skeleton-like creature with long arms, which, after the elbow, are composed of sword-like formations. Notably, his shoulders appear to be covered in what appear to be shoulder pads.


Tadanori is an honour-bound martial artist, learning multiple disciplines but ultimately finding them unfit to express the strength he wished to have. He adheres to a very strict code of conduct believing that, among other things, that fighting a woman was unbecoming of a man.

He found that after he was given his strength by the Alien, regular individuals could not be a proper way to test his strength. He, unlike many other monsters, has no interest whatsoever in accruing the coins. His only interest, then, is to fight other monsters to test his martial prowess.

He, in and out of battle, is a calm and oddly friendly individual, complimenting Clair and Shuichi's strength and tactical ingenuity multiple times and being grateful for the opportunity to fight them, ultimately calling Shuichi a "real man".


Tadanori was exploring the forest when Shuichi and Clair approached him. He was surprised as usually other Collectors avoid him when they see him, so this was a first for him. Clair wanted to talk, but Tadanori didn't knew much about the coins and while thinking it was unfortunately she is a girl, he was in the forest looking for a fight. As he isn't interested in the coins, the Alien had told him, he can find other people to fight here. Shuichi attacked him, but Tadanori blocked and commented he now knew he was physically stronger. Clair then took over and started fighting Tadanori and landed a hit, but it didn't had any effect at all. Clair admitted he was stronger and commented they are dangerous people that if collect all the coins it will be bad, but Tadanori wonder how can he knew she isn't one of those dangerous people. Clair then shot Shuichi's gun, but Tadanori blocked it with his swords, realizing he can block bullets too. He undid his transformation and his arm was bleeding and introduced himself. He explained he needed to think of his own martial arts and twisted his body backwards and started to transform. As he did, his sword stuck on the ground behind him and gathering all the strength he had, he unleashed an attack slamming the ground in front of him, causing a long crater. As Clair and Shuichi had escaped, he commented he needs more precision than brute strength. He went looking for them in the forest and Shuichi caught and hold him. Tadanori though Clair was disrespecting him as he was obviously stronger, but then Clair appeared behind him with her gun pointed at Tadanori. Hearing her voice he realized this was the monster he had been fighting, but then wondered what was holding him and if it was a doll she can control. Shuichi then spoke and Tadanori realized they were two of them and the woman was just a human. Knowing how powerful the gun was, he knew that if she shoots it, she will kill herself too, Tadanori decided to give up and undid his transformation and got crushed by Shuichi who was still holding him.

As he woke up later, he admitted defeat and was ready to be killed, but Clair had no intentions as that would not gain her anything. She wanted his cell phone, but Tadanori didn't had one as it wasn't manly. Another monster then appeared, who had taken photos of them and wanted to make them his slaves. But seeing how disrespectful it was, Tananori had no issues killing him and transformed and slashed him in two. Tadanori then undid his transformation and sat down, asking Clair what she wants from him and she told him she wants he to search coins with them and that way he will get plenty of opportunities to fight other monsters. Tadanori accepted and then asked Shuichi what his relationship was with Clair, who then explained she enters him and fight. He wondered if the idea to split was hers, but Shuichi said it was his and he wanted she to run, while he holds Tadanori down. Hearing that, Tadanori commented that Shuichi was a true man and confirmed once more, he will be helping them out.

Power & Abilities[]

Tadanori's monster form-Anime

Tadanori's Monster form

Tadanori can transform into a large monster with a skull-like head and bladed arms. He can, at will, augment his already impressive muscle mass and strength. He uses this strength along with his martial arts skill in order to develop a new martial art suited to his form. This is first shown in an unorthodox attack in which he bends his back with both arms embedded in the ground before snapping forward and slamming his arms causing a massive crater to formed in his attack's wake.

Even outside of his monster form, Tadanori has displayed a strong resilience towards pain, practically ignoring the wound on his forearm and back caused by Shuichi.



  • Tadanori considers phones to be unmanly.